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"Beginners Embroidery Workshop" at PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT Northcote


Beginners Embroidery Workshop

What: Beginners Embroidery Workshop When: Wednesday November 15, 6.30pm - 9.30pm Where: 1/177 Beavers Rd. Northcote Includes: All materials, grazing food, organic wine & fairtrade tea Book: Enquiries: Description: The beginners embroidery workshop is an opportunity to learn new skills and use them to explore a childhood drawing pastime. No drawing skills necessary, we will each create uniquely individual squiggles as the basis for what will become your own beautifully hand embroidered art work over the course of the day - ready to hang in your home! Making brings us together while allowing us to be ourselves.” (The Maker, Maynes T) This quote embodies what we will foster throughout the workshop. The act of stitching is meditative and therapeutic. You will learn new skills and come away with something you have made but hopefully you will also find this an opportunity to be present and mindful, an opportunity to find time and perhaps slow down for a few hours - relax and enjoy the company of friends (or soon to be friends!) with delicious local produce to snack on and the serene Merri Creek as your background. Your teacher: Georgia graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Art from RMIT in 2015. Since working and travelling abroad and around Australia she has returned to Melbourne to focus on what she truly loves - making. Georgia is establishing a creative career with a focus on community and the opportunity to share with others what makes her so happy was one not to be missed. Her personal style is an exploration of texture - art that asks to be (and can be!) touched. Embellished embroidered pieces utilising indiscriminate colour create work full of detail to be discovered at each look. Her work can be viewed on instagram and etsy. Instagram: Etsy: We create a beautiful, warm atmosphere to make...

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